Monday, November 23, 2009

Are we having fun yet...?

Did you have fun this weekend? If so, did you post photos of this fun to your Facebook account? And if you did that, did you (hopefully) stop to consider whether those photos could get you into trouble with your significant other, your boss, or your mom? Maybe you think you don't have to worry about that, because your S.O., boss, or mom were with you (so you've got still more photos to ensure they will withhold any judgement), or because the fun was so innocent (or within their definition of innocent) that they wouldn't care. Maybe you don't care, because such opinions have no influence in your life, or because you've locked your Facebook account down so the only people who can see your photos are the friends you've approved (and therefore will presumably approve of you).

If you think no one whose opinion could literally change your life might see your Facebook photos, you're probably wrong.

If you think no one other than the friends you have approved can see your Facebook photos, you're wrong. Period.

And if you think you don't care who sees your Facebook photos, ask yourself if you'd care if your insurance company saw them - and then dropped you.

The story above concerns health insurance, but raises questions about what else insurance companies might find useful out there on the intarwebs. If your fun this weekend was marred by a fender-bender and you took pictures of it, I would strongly suggest you hold off on posting those pictures to your Facebook least until you get those pictures to your auto insurance company, and you are sure of their judgement.

And if you took pictures that could be in any way be construed as you having the remotest bit of fun at the scene of the accident, I would strongly suggest not posting those pictures to your Facebook page at all.



  1. You know, I post everything on Facebook because my public demands to know my every thought/move/bowel movement.

    How the hell is that guy I sat behind in trig class junior year supposed to know I just hocked up a lung nugget if I don't post teh video of me hacking it up on FB?

  2. Wait Sev, I thought that's what Twitter was for? Oh, that's where you post a url to your lung nugget hocking video just in case the FB coverage wasn't wide enough.

    My bad! :D